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Wanted to let you know about a project I am collaborating on with Menton J. Matthews III and Kasra Ghanbari. We are working on a limited-edition slipcased art book titled "THE KINDLY ONES.” This art book will be the result of a two-man show that Menton and I will be doing at Last Rites Gallery opening July 11, 2015 and the journey that Menton, Kasra and myself take as we research and create this show. THE KINDLY ONES limited-edition slipcasedaArt book paintings by David Stoupakis and Menton J. Matthews III and written by Kasra Ghanbari.

We have launched a Kickstarter to support the making of this limited-edition slipcased art book. I hope you can take a look at our project. And we greatly appreciate your support!

Thank you!


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